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jiu-jitsu & MMA training

Jackson’s MMA Association in Pueblo Colorado offers 2 complete, individual, sets of classes for both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA. Rude Effex’s head instructor and  coach Jeremy Garcia along side assistant coach Josh Childress hold weekly classes in BJJ. Youth training programs and adult programs are available. Multi-Class/Participant discounts are available.  Get started with a FREE 3 DAY pass.

Advanced MMA Training

Interested in competing?  (18 and over only) Jackson’s specializes in training fierce competitors in MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Find yourself head to head in the octagon under the lights. 1 on 1 Think you got what it takes? Sign up for a FREE 3 Day session with Jeremy Garcia and Prentice Ingram to see how Jackson’s can make you the ultimate competitor.

Strength and Conditioning

Stamina, strength, speed, and agility are key components for success not only in competition but in your daily lives. With Jackson’s state of the art training facility in conjunction with Mind Body and Soul trainer Bobby Solano you can lock in your specific needs as our member  programs will assist in setting up a personalized fitness program focused on your interests.  Sign up for your 1 Day FREE PASS.

fierce competitors are born here

Jackson’s MMA Association is a highly renowned MMA training facility featuring strengths found only at Jackson’s award winning associations. Proprietary, individual specific competitor improvement programs leaves Jackson’s the #1 choice. 


Sidney Silva

Sidney Silva began his Martial Arts careers at the age of 6 when he began to train in the art of Judo. He continued in this discipline for many years, reaching his Black Belt in and becoming a 6x Judo State Champion in Brazil.

Jeremy Garcia | Rude Effex | BJJ

Jeremy Garcia is Jackson’s head instructor and is also the founder of the Rude Effex Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team. Jeremy’s life in embedded into the art of jiu-jitsu and the uplifting of others. Strong leadership skills help Jeremy in his efforts of passing on the art of the self-defense sport.

Josh Childress

Josh Childress – Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor rank purple belt under Sidney Silva Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Josh Childress is 34 years old. Josh started his mixed martial arts journey at 26 to straighten his life up and after a few years found his true passion, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu!

Bobby Solano

Coach Bobby Solano with (MBS) Mind Body Soul has over 10 years’ experience in fitness and will be providing strength and conditioning group classes, speed & agility camps for youth PLUS personal training sessions.

Prentice Ingram

Prentice Ingram originally from Chicago discovered his passion for marital arts at a very early age. At the age of four he took his first Karate class and since then has been on a journey of becoming a true martial artist. As a young man Ingram took his training up to another level by taking Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Akido, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Boxing, Greco and even some Caporia.

Trevor Ward

Trevor has been training with a passion for MMA since he was 5 years old. Originally from Athens, Illinois, Trevor moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico to train with the world’s finest at Jackson Wink Mixed Martial Arts. In the pursuit of his lifelong dream of making it to the UFC, Trevor’s has trained, studied and pushed to make Mixed Martial Arts his life. He has made his passion his career by investing his vast knowledge into kids and adults as an MMA instructor.

A message from the owner….

“I am so excited and proud to bring this respected brand to our community here in Pueblo Colorado. I have admired and am inspired by Coach Greg Jackson, and the work he does in his own community, especially, coaching kids and young adults. Mixed Martial Arts is a great way to learn discipline, character-values, as well as self-defense.”

Jason Casados

Owner / President

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